Lecture Topic for the week of 4/2-4/8: Chinese History

by admin on April 2, 2012

The 1 Hand Salute

The Buddhist monk, “Huiko” would wait patiently each day, awaiting Bodhidharma to show up at the gate of the Shaolin Temple and ask if he would teach him. But each time Bodhidharma would refuse. One story even says that not only did Bodhidharma refuse but told Huiko, “I will not teach you until the snow turns red”. So, to show his dedication, Huiko took his sword and cut off his left arm. Huiko became Bodhidharma’s successor.

So when students have something in their hands that might restrict them from doing the traditional close right fist into the left hand salute, it’s permitted to move the item to the left hand and bring the right open hand to the center of chest and bow head.

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