Northern Shaolin Kung fu / Preying Mantis Kung fu

Celebrating 19 years of Kung fu and Life Enhancement 1995-2014

There has never been a better time if you been considering joining a Traditional Kung-fu School!

Your chance to transform your body, your mind,
and your entire life is just a decision away.

Tai Mantis a School of higher learning.    Est. 1995        Shifu Newton

Tai Mantis is a Health and Fitness Center as well as a traditional Kung-fu School. We are proud to be the only authentic classical Kung-fu school in the entire Inland Empire. As a traditional Kung-fu school, we stay within the scope of traditional Kung-fu, and not just focusing on the martial aspects. Traditional Kung-fu involves the development of the total person. It is a way of life, a method of achieving and attaining the highest physical and mental development possible.Kung-fu not only builds strength and self-confidence, but also improves the health, fitness, self-awareness, concentration, motivation, and directs and focuses one’s mental and physical energies. The goals of kung-fu are achieved through the development of relaxation, strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, agility, and mind-body communication, abiding by the laws of nature in respect to diet, body dynamics, yoga and meditation.

The Academy is a 2200 square foot facility that offers weight machines along with free weights and a juice bar that has a full menu of protein drinks, fresh fruits, and healthy snacks. In our Supply Store you will find herbs and vitamins. The restroom has a shower for your convenience. There is also a tranquil patio with a waterfall and pond for meditation and relaxation.