Northern Shaolin Kung fu / Preying Mantis Kung fu

Celebrating 19 years of Kung fu and Life Enhancement 1995-2017

There has never been a better time if you been considering joining a Traditional Kung-fu School!

Your chance to transform your body, your mind,
and your entire life is just a decision away.

Tai Mantis a School of higher learning.    Est. 1995        Shifu Newton

Tai Mantis is a Health and Fitness Center as well as a traditional Kung-fu School. We are proud to be the only authentic classical Kung-fu school in the entire Inland Empire. As a traditional Kung-fu school, we stay within the scope of traditional Kung-fu, and not just focusing on the martial aspects. Traditional Kung-fu involves the development of the total person. It is a way of life, a method of achieving and attaining the highest physical and mental development possible.Kung-fu not only builds strength and self-confidence, but also improves the health, fitness, self-awareness, concentration, motivation, and directs and focuses one’s mental and physical energies. The goals of kung-fu are achieved through the development of relaxation, strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, agility, and mind-body communication, abiding by the laws of nature in respect to diet, body dynamics, yoga and meditation.

The Academy is now closed at the San Bernardino site. Shifu Newton is still teaching at a new location. For more information contact Shifu Newton through Facebook; Tai Mantis Kung-fu Academy.